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About School


Jelgava Technical school is a professional educational institution which was awarded by the status of the vocational education competence centre and it is under the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia. There are 8 accredited vocational education as well as professional development and further education programs. More than 900 students are enrolled at Jelgava Technical school.

Jelgava Technical School provides a country with highly skilled professionals, maintaining working habits, ensuring thatthe technical school for studentsis not only aproviderof knowledge, but also the mentaland moralvaluecreator.
Appropriate work is being carried outforstudents not onlyto acquire knowledge and skills but alsoto get opportunitiesto developthemselves as an independent, responsible, intellectuallyrich, and creative personality.

Jelgava Technical school encourages young people to active and creative activities in social and cultural life, environmental studies and clean-up not only in the school but also in the city and the whole country.. Students are provided by opportunities to engage in practical folk traditions and cultural heritage exploration and preservation.

Authoritative teachers, exciting lessons not only audiences, but also in a real work environment, practice in Latvian and foreign companies and much more ... Learning at Jelgava Technical school is the first step towards your dream career!




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