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Non-formal education

Jelgava Technical School and the State Employment Agency on 4 April 2014, signed a contract for the non-formal education programs at risk of unemployment for employed and self-employed persons in the European Social Fund project "Lifelong Learning measures employed persons," the No.1 DP // / 09 / IPIA / SEA / 001 framework.

Non-formal education program is designed for learning at risk of unemployment for employees and self-employed persons of knowledge and skills in order to increase competitiveness in the labour market.

Curriculum as a result a person receives Jelgava Technical school certificate.

ERDF project

ERDF project "Modernisation of equipment and improvement of infrastructure of Jelgava Technical school"

December 20, 2013 between theState EducationDevelopment Agencyand JelgavaTechnical schoolagreed atNr.2013/0062/3DP/ 13 /IPIA/SEDA/ 004on the European RegionalDevelopment Fund (hereinafter - ERDF)co-financedproject"Modernisation of equipment and improvement of infrastructureof JelgavaTechnical School" (hereinafter - theproject) implementation.

The project aim is to create a modern and uniform training complex in Jelgava Technical school in the development of school infrastructure and upgrading training equipment, according to the labor market by improving vocational education programs offer and quality of Zemgaleplanning region.

The project aims to improve the Jelgava Technical school infrastructure – make vocational education subjects practical and theoretical training room, administrative and common areas, dormitories reconstruction, construction of new training facilities, to adapt the school infrastructure for people with disabilities, as well as the modernization of training equipment professional and general education subject of learning.

Project total cost– 15,524,113 EUR (10,910,409 LVL), the eligible costs – 15,496,790 EUR (10,891,206 LVL), including ERDF –13,327,239 EUR (9,366,437 LVL) or 86%, state budget financing – 2,169,551 EUR (1,524,769 LVL) or 14%. The project planned for non-eligible costs 27,323 EUR (19,203 LVL) amount – the existing power system connection capacity, which will be covered from the state budget.

Project implementation period– from 24 October 2012 to 31 July 2015 (34 months).

ESF project

Jelgava Technical School in collaboration with SEDAESF Operational Program "Growth and Jobs" 7.2.1. the specificobjective of the aid'Promotingemployment, education ortrainingwould not involveyouth employmentYouthwarranty"2nd stage of the project(projectidentification no. 7.2.1.JG2)

2014 / 2015th the school year is being implemented in three vocational training programs:

  1. Education programMotor transport, qualification Car mechanician, Duration: 1 year, previous education: basic; from the age of 17 - 7 students;
  2. Education program Restaurant services, qualification Barman, Duration: 1.5 years, previous education: secondary school - 10 students
  3. Education program Real estate business and management, qualification House Manager, Duration: 1.5 years, previous education: secondary school - 6 students

Students who are involved in the project:

  • Get a scholarship from 70 to 115 euros per month, provided that the student is successful in all subjects and not unjustified delay. Student who has acquired professional qualifications and has learned throughout the school year without unjustified delay and is successful, then the recalculation is made - amount to be paid one-year program - 305 euro; a year and a half - 405 euros.
  • You can get a profession the required certificate or certificates, if required by their curriculum and it is necessary for the labor market.
  • Secured practice and qualifying practice space.

Travel costs paid by the qualifying practice sites and the accommodation expenses during the qualification practice (up to 71 euros per month), third party insurance to qualifying practice time and the mandatory health examination expenses, if required by the chosen profession specifics.

Nordplus Junior 2015

Teachers' professional competence development in education program "Heat, Water and Gas Technology"

Coordination institution

Jelgava Technical school

Partner institutions

LT-Kaunas builder's training centre

Aims and contribution

Teachers participating in the project will be able to share best teaching experiences and methodologies which help them in educating youngsters who are ready to join a domestic or foreign labour market or abroad with confidence and necessary competencies like good knowledge of foreign languages, creativity and the heat, water and gas technology skills, also increase teachers' pedagogical competences. Each partner will present a set of lessons/methodologies or techniques used in their lessons which have proven to directly and effectively support the development of particular skills. Teachers will also teach lessons during visits to the partner institutions. After sharing the experiences teachers will be able to adapt new learned techniques/methodologies to their work in achieving better results at training European youth. The management of each institution will support the team of the project by providing all the necessary help in preparing project material, activities and hosting partners as well as promoting cooperation between school life and working life.

Budget - Mobility 2020 EUR

Nordplus Junior 2015

Jelgava Technical school and Vana-Vigala Technical and Service School students' professional competence development of the educational program "Auto Transport"

Coordination institution

Jelgava Technical school

Partner institutions

EE-Vana-Vigala Technical and Service School

Aims and contribution

The main aims of project benefit the partners in this way:

  • the quality of education systems in different countries will help to students to use their knowledge in
  • their future profession;
  • training in partner’s workshops, using new technologies will contribute to reaching in vocational skill.
  • The management of each institution will support the project by:
  • presenting training programs and activities in practice;
  • promoting cooperation between schools and working life;
  • promoting knowledge and understanding about Baltic cultures, languages and ways of life.

Total grant 6650 EUR

LATLIT Project

Project title 

Improvement of vocational education according to the needs of labour market

The aim of project is to promote the development of vocational education in accordance with labor market demands and ensure a competitive and high-quality vocational training in the region

The partners of project

General partner – Kurzeme Planning region

Partners from Latvia

Cīrava Vocational Secondary School; Jelgava Technical School Jelgava Vocational School; Kuldiga Technology and Tourism Vocational Secondary School; Liepāja Technical College; Laidze Vocational Secondary School; SaldusVocational Secondary School; SkrundaVocational Secondary School; Ventspils Vocational Secondary School

Partners from Lithuania

Panevėžys Business Advisory Centre; Skuodas Agricultural Business, Trade and Services School; Vocational Training Centre of Panevezys; Kaunas Food Industry School; Kaunas Technical University of Applied Sciences; Kaunas Builders’ Training Centre; PI “Siauliai Region Development Agency”

The budget of project

999 214,95 EUR – ERDF co-financing

176 332,05 EUR – National co-financing

1 175 547 EUR – Total

55,69% - 654 685 EUR from total budget planned for school equipment and furniture

Project implementation time

From 2nd of April 2012 till 1st of February 2014

The project's most important planned results in Zemgale

  • Improved educational programs and methodological materials, the content of the involvement of business and industry, professional organizations and strengthening the cooperation between vocational schools and the labor market;
  • Increased professional qualifications of teachers, strengthened cooperation and exchange of experiences with the Lithuanian vocational training institutions;
  • Built prestige of vocational education and the availability of Zemgale region;
  • Advanced vocational school practical training base - the creation of training workshops and laboratories with modern, advanced equipment to ensure students obtain practical skills in accordance with labor market requirements.

Jelgava Technical school– improved training material base educational program "Heat, Gas and Water Technology", developed methodological materials, which helps the learning process.


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