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Finishing works technician

Duration of studies – 4 years
Previous education – basic
Qualification – finishing works technician
Finishing works technician working in construction companies and companies engaged in the execution of the works, which shall be complete finishing work stages of the workers and guide their work, as well as comply with finishing work in new buildings, repaired and reconstructed buildings. Finishing the work of the technician is able to read drawings, to independently plan work to be performed surgery, jobs and choose the appropriate materials and tools, ancillary equipment, as well as know how to handle the tools. Familiar with and follow the safety, fire safety and sanitation requirements. Selects finishing works appropriate building materials and planning to delivery. Plans to finish work worker cooperation and work for the procedure, give the necessary orders and checks the execution of orders, taking care to finishing works are carried out according to a project, Building Regulations and Standards.

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